vision-road1As a leading company in Israel for Road maintenance and development, we believe that the key to success is in expertise, professionalism, personal service, and uncompromising reliability with total commitment to the customer's satisfaction, using new innovations and developments in the road infrastructure industry.


Since its establishment, Vered-Bar Roads and Development Ltd., has believed in providing personal and professional service with full reference to the customer's requirements, supplying high quality materials, modern and advanced equipment, skilled workers, maintenance and supervision on each and every project, while maintaining the required standards, caring for the safety of the employees and drivers and safeguarding the environment.

We, at Vered-Bar Roads and Development Ltd. offer diverse solutions in road maintenance and development, in improvement of the road surface, and in pavement repair. We engage an "Emergency Assistance Unit" which is "on call' for any emergency requirements on the roads. We offer services in manual and mechanical road cleaning, road safety, special teams for road maintenance in stormy weather, pest control, road marking, patching, and supply of road safety equipment, earthworks, gardening and landscape restoration. All projects are carried out by professional and skilled workers who will do their utmost to meet the customer's requirements.

We, in our company, believe that quality service and full collaboration with the customer while meeting the required and approved standards with an emphasis on the safety of our employees and drivers on the roads, will lead to the best results

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