Vered-Bar Roads and Development Ltd. was established to maintain and develop roads and highways with the vision that superb road maintenance is a key to road safety. We have become a leading company focusing on solutions for road maintenance and development through a diverse set of solutions. Our team searches constantly for new solutions and innovations in and outside our home country.

As the leading company in this field, we offer several services:



We repair road and pavement surfaces and bring them up to required standards.

We seal road and pavement cracks with specialized equipment, all of which are authorized by the National Roads Company.

We also fill potholes using a unique method which has been approved by the Israel Roads Company.


Mild roughening to improve asphalt texture

Rubber asphalt

Pressure washing of the road surface.


spe serviesRapid Assistance Unit

Cleaning and clearing the road after accidents and preparing the road for reuse in minimum time.


Roadside Cleaning

Manual cleaning of roadsides

Machine-sweeping of roads


Security and Traffic Regulation

Safeguarding traffic using authorized trailers and signs with certified personnel trained by the National Roads Company

Supply and installment of road signs and safety appliances.


Safety Devices

We supply, install and repair road barriers engaging teams who are specifically trained and authorized by the National Roads Company.


Landscape rehabilitation

Maintenance of public areas

Pruning and felling of trees

We operate machinery for crushing waste after felling trees and its removal by trucks


Repairing open drainage ditches

Cleaning the road drainage system

Cleaning and replacement of water drains

wetherStormy weather

Special "on-call" units for stormy weather and floods.

Pest Control

Application of herbicides along roadsides to eradicate weeds-we possess in our warehouses toxins and we are authorized as required to use them for pest control. We do this with utter consideration of the environment.

paintRoad Surface marking


Erasing old road markings using specialized machinery.

Serrated paint

Pedestrian crossings



Road and infrastructure development

Unraveling of land surface

Operating heavy mechanical equipment

 Miscellaneous Projects

Road cleaning with special pressure machinery

Removal of graffiti from road signs.

Repair of road signs, pits and curbstones

Restoration of road slopes 

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