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Vered Bar Services


road lVered-Bar Roads and Development Ltd. was established in order to supply solutions in the road maintenance field. As the leading company in this field, we offer several services:


d790d7a1d7a4d79cd798Road Surface Marking, Asphalt, Traffic, Safety Devices, Earthworks, Repair of roads for the winter, Road cleaning, Immediate assistance unit, Pest Control, Gardening, Miscellaneous projects...

About Vered Bar

Vered-Bar Roads and Development Ltd. was established in 1996 to maintain and develop roads focusing on high professional standards and quality service.

Our company provides maintenance services for roads and highways in Israel under the supervision and to the full satisfaction of the Israel Roads Authority.

We work strictly according to the standards of the Israel Roads Authority using specialized machinery which has been authorized by the Israel Roads Authority.

On our website you may review the services that our company offers.